The team followed het programme Best Year Yet and the tide turned. Walrave: "Now the monthly objectives are the talk of the day within the team."

Best Year Yet is a result programme in which employees are learned to set objectives and to reach them, deal in a responsible way with changes and to set priorities. These were exactly the points where the team members had difficulties. "On a personal level, we as a team, had already gone further because, during a day off site, we spoke out what the mutual points of attention were. However it was still a challenge to set concrete objectives and to focus on them. That is where the training helped us a lot", says Walrave.

From past to future

During the first session we examined the past. Walrave: "That was very important, we had to determine which issues from the past needed our specific attention or limited us to go ahead." Because an independent professional coached the training, the team members felt more freely to also bring up personal issues to be able to start with a clean slate. Subsequently seven concrete year objectives were set, for which there was a general agreement in the whole team. "Our main goal was to stop working from day to day, but to focus structurally on the future. To get there, we subsequently set month objectives, which we evaluate every month and then determine new month objectives after that ", Walrave explains. Next to the start meeting, the first two monthly evaluation moments were coached by Moovs.


Best Year Yet has brought a significant change in the team spirit. Walrave: "There was no structure in the team anymore. We still worked hard, but only from day to day. Now we have common goals and everybody is inspired to reach those goals together." He would recommend the programme to everybody and sees great importance in discussing the objectives periodically. Coaching by an independent professional is very valuable here. "This can keep the discussion sharp and give direction and structure." Walrave would, ideally, like to repeat the start meeting every year, in order to actually integrate this way of working in the daily practice and to determine mutual challenging year objectives each year. "Best Year Yet is a powerful tool to find back the mutual focus, and I think that every team can use this once in a while. At least it gave us the focus that we missed."